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Description 8 Channel Stereo Mixing Desk
Posted By Ian Loft (3442)
Directory Equipment: Pro Audio Gear
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Member Reviews

On 12/30/2001, Ian Loft (3442) posted:
Overall Rating:
I like it. My regular sound guys are starting to find more uses for this desk, it frees up a little on the main desk, particularly if I bring more than two guitars to a job.
Price: $200.00 AUD
Where Obtained: Private Sale
- 8 Channels, rear 1/4in input jacks - Stereo output, L and R seperate master volume controls - Individual channel master volume, bass, treble, pan and effects control - Standard MIDI in and MIDI thru jacks
Sound Quality:
Cleans up much. The degree of control is much better than I expected from such a basic desk
Ease of Use:
Learned to use it in minutes. Still playing around with the MIDI features but with the correct plugs, this should offer even more flexibility
This is a rugged looking steel cased unit with the ability to be a rack mounted unit.