Boomerang Phrase Sampler Standard Boomerang

Single-Effect Floor Unit

Made by Boomerang Phrase Sampler

Description Create and play back loops real time..great for live gigs..solo guitar
Posted By Joe Nirmaier (98)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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On 12/28/2001, Joe Nirmaier (98) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked to buy a JamMan..but they are NOT available..i fiddled with the Boss Loop Station..but the Boomerang is twice the quality..and twice the price. for any one that gigs by themselfs..or backs up a vocalist..or if your band is reeeeeaaaaaaallly tight.. this is a neat tool..just for a single song it is worth the money and time
Model Year: 2000
Price: $275.00
Where Obtained: water music , Stillwater MN
This is an amazing machine..if you have heard Phil Keagy play..he uses the Lexicon JamMan..same thing basically..kick the record button on the 1 beat of your phrase and kick it out on the 4 beat when ever you are ever many measures you want to loop..all foot switched..dc power 9v converter..mono great infront of the amp..or PA. I havent tried it in my effects loop yet..i basically use it with a PA and my D-28
Sound Quality:
Fully digital..sounds exactly like my Martin playing
Ease of Use:
The Boomerang is so simple its scary..the only tough part is helps to pratice with a you can kick the play on the 1 beat
Solid steel from what i can tell..what more can i say