by Radiohead

(2001) Capitol

Description The album that was recorded the same time as Kid A finds itself it's brother, but not exactly.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 12/29/2002, Joony Lee (2092) posted:
Overall Rating:
Sounded too much like the previous album, Kid A. I didnt like any songs on this album too much. Get O.K Computer or Kid A and then if you want, this album.
On 12/27/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
What I mean is, this album has the same techno-like sound as Kid A, but it experiments a lot more on many of the songs, and the entire album has a pinch of hope in it, a little less dark than the other. Amnesiac does have the same feel as Kid A though, and yet has it's own feel to it. I like several of the songs, although I can't understand them yet, all Radiohead albums take much time of getting used to, as I've figured out. And this album is no exception. It sometimes sounds a lot more complicated than the last one, but yet still keeping the great music vibe going.

1. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box 2. Pyramid Song 3. Pulk/pull Revolving Doors 4. You And Who's Army? 5. I Might Be Wrong 6. Knives Out 7. Morning Bell/Amnesiac 8. Dollars And Cents 9. Hunting Bears 10. Like Spinning Plates 11. Life In A Glasshouse

This album has a different version of Morning Bell from Kid A, it's a lot more guitar and bass and other instrument based, although there are a lot of sound effects used, it has a more simple feel, even though it sounds a bit slow. Pyramid Song is another one that can't be forgotten, and the wierd Knives Out belongs in the album as well. I Might Be Wrong's bass line sounds a lot like that of The National Anthems, but the familiarity only shows the Radiohead sound. This album is more clean than Kid A, and proves again that Radiohead can drift from the mainstream as much as they can and do whatever they wish, and still sound great.