I Might Be Wrong (Live Performances)

by Radiohead

(2001) Capitol

Description A portion of Radiohead's last two tours, including songs from both of them. A very Radiohead album indeed.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 12/27/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
1. The National Anthem 2. I Might Be Wrong 3. Morning Bell 4. Like Spinning Plates 5. Idiotique 6. Everything in it's right Place 7. Dollars And Cents 8. True Love Waits

This CD should be with Amnesiac and Kid A in any CD collection, since they use different sound effects and techniques on already recognized songs, this album sure is a looker. What makes it even more of a jewel is the last track, True Love Waits, which has Thom playing an accuistic and singing by himself to the audience, the song belongs on the live scene only, and is great to be on a CD that you can actually hear it. This is a great Radiohead album, and even live Radiohead can still surprise and entertain audiences anywhere. The shows were recorded from shows in Oxford, Berlin, Oslo and Vaison La Romaine. The best tracks come from Idioteque and Everything In It's Right place, which on In Everything, they reocrd a sample of Thom's singing and later on in the song play it again, and change it, making it go slower and faster and such. It's interesting to hear what they are doing. They sound incredible live, all of the musicians come together and don't slip on any of the songs, and the pace of the songs are excellent. This is definetly a special live album.