by Pink Floyd

(2001) Capitol

Personnel David Gilmour: guitar, vocals, Nick Mason: Drums Roger Waters: Bass, songwriter Richard Wright: Keyboards Syd Barrett: vocals, guitars, lyrics
Description The best of the best of the best of Pink Floyd.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 11/10/2003, Syd Barrett (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
Echoes showcases many tunes from Pink Floyd's songbook. However, I personally do not believe the best examples were chosen. Some of their best work was overlooked, such as that on their albums More and Obscured By Clouds. I was also very upset that they clipped the song "Echoes," which is about 23 minutes, down to about 16 minutes, and they completely cut out the last two parts of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" [two parts that I think were essential to the song]. Considering that I've purchased every Pink Floyd album after getting Echoes and know just about every song by heart [both lyrically and musically], I would have chosen a much different structure to highlight some of the bests of Pink Floyd. I'm sorry to say it, but I wish I could have my money back.
On 12/27/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album briefly shows the entire soundscape of Pink Floyd; put it simply, it shows every different side to Pink Floyd. It even has the song "When the Tigers Broke Free", originally off The Wall movie soundtrack, this would be the first time the song would be featured on a CD. All of these songs have been taken into digital lengths and sound much more clearer and better, some of them have been taken from their original recordings on Abey Road where they were recorded. I like that they put Syd in the albums, because he started Pink no matter what, and I like him better than David, he sounds more bizarre. But this album has at least one song from all of their albums, if you don't believe me, scroll down below. The booklet to the album and it's artwork really fit Pinks' feel of art, with some "familiar" artwork that fans should recognize. It also comes with the songs lyrics, and the date when the albums were released. This is a two-CD set, and they don't run in any kind of real order, that, and they have this continuing loop, between songs they would add sound effects and such just to make it more of a Pink album. Something that is a really cool add on but can be a real pain when you can't tell if the song has ended or not. Especially with "shine On You Crazy Diamond", which includes the same sound effects, and runs so long (it is all 7 parts of the song in one continuous song) you don't know if it moved to the next track or not. But that doesn't effect it in any real way, even though my CD player light on the display isn't working, doesn't mean yours isn't either.

DISC 1: 1. Astronomy Domine-Syd-Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 2. See Emily Play-Syd 3. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives-Roger-The Wall 4. Another Brick In The Wall (Pt. 2)-Waters-The Wall 5. Echoes-Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright-Meddle 6. Hey You-Waters-The Wall 7. Marooned-Wright, Gilmour-The Division Bell 8. Great Gig In The Sky-Wright-Dark Side Of The Moon 9. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun-Waters-Saucer Full Of Secrets 10. Money-Waters-Dark Side Of The Moon 11. Keep Talking-Gilmour, Wright, Samson-Devision Bell 12. Sheep-Waters-Animals 13. Sorrow-Gilmour-A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Disc 2: 1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Gilmour, Waters, Wright-Wish You Were Here 2. Time-Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour-Dark Side Of The Moon 3. The Fletcher Memorial Home-Waters-The Final Cut 4. Comfortably Numb-Gilmour, Waters-The Wall 5. When The Tigers Broke Free-Waters-The Wall Movie Soundtrack 6. One Of These Days-Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright-Meddle 7. Us And Them-Waters, Wright-Dark Side Of The Moon 8. Learning To Fly-Gilmour, Moore, Ezrin, Carin-A Momentary Lapse Of Reason 9. Arnold Layne-Barrett 10. Wish You Were Here-Gilmour, Waters-Wish You Were Here 11. Jugband Blues-Barrett-A Saucerful Of Secrets 12. High Hopes-Gilmour, Samson-The Devision Bell 13. Bike-Barrett-Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Jugband Blues would be the last song that Syd worked with Pink Floyd. It was on their second album, Saucerful Of Secrets, the last track. He was their leader on Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, and a huge amount of singles and such, and that was the end for him. This is for any kind of Pink Floyd fan that doesn't have any of their albums and wants their good songs really quickly, mostly of newer generations like teenagers. I think anyone with a good ear can enjoy this album, so I can't really say a specific person. But since this album doesn't provide anything new, it really cuts down it's importance a bit. but the songs digitally remastered and on CD should make it on someone's list. A good best of album, in my opinion. It sure does have the Pink feel to it.