Danelectro EStudio E-13

Made by Danelectro

Description Has power and distortion buttons, power LED, volume and distortion level. Headphone jack, one input jack. Runs off 9V battery or 9V AC/DC adapter (not included).
Posted By Jack Ambrose (17)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 12/24/2001, Jack Ambrose (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well it is noisy. The constant hiss regardless of volume or source is VERY anoying. The distortion is horrible. If it broke I probably wouldn't replace it with a similar model. If I really needed a headphone amp I'd probably look for something a little higher quality, but then again it is only $20. If there wasn't the constant hiss I'd give it a higher rating.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $19.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
Small headphone amp that you can clip on your belt. Has power and distortion on/off buttons. Also has volume and distortion dials. Can run off included 9V "vintage power source" (battery) or a 9V AC/DC adapter, not included. No external speaker, headphones only. Pretty small and light little unit. I found it somewhat difficult to clip to my belt or pants since the clip, although spring metal, doesn't really supply any pressure. I usually just tossed it on the ground and left it there. Pretty basic feature wise. Also includes a set of cheapie headphones, which is nice. Next model up has echo (the E-15).
Sound Quality:
I'b a beginning guitarist and thought this would be perfect until I decided to purchase a practice amp. Frankly I wasn't terribly impressed with the sound quality. It had a noticable hiss that was independant of the volume or the source. It even hissed with no guitar plugged in! The distored sound is horrible. I never use the distortion feature. However the normal sound is OK, and for a $20 little amp it is fine. I'll probably keep this around for when I'm in a location where there I don't have a real amp or no power source. I don't use the included headphones since I have an excellent pair of studion headphones.
Ease of Use:
Its got two buttons, power and distortion. Two dials, volume and distortion. Two plugs, headphones, and input. One LED, power. You put in a battery, plug in your phones and guitar and play! How much simpler can it be?
Well despite being made of plastic, and not being a very expensive unit, it does seem to be resonably well made. It would probably survive if I stepped on it, and I've banged it around a bit since I just toss it on the floor when I'm playing.