by Pink Floyd

(1995) SMV #24V50121

Description 145 minutes of pure Floyd pleasure
Posted By Ian Loft (3442)
Directory Videos: Music
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On 12/21/2001, Ian Loft (3442) posted:
Overall Rating:
There are several outstanding features of this video:

- The entire Dark Side of the Moon album is performed live with some spectacular effects. One of the best is the flaming aircraft that shoots over the audience before the song time

- During Comfortably Numb a mirror ball rotats above Dave Gilmore, lasers shooting off from different places make some interesting effects until the ball opens into a diamond.

- The solo from Comfortably Numb ends up with Dave playing under incredible lighting effects.

- The famous Floyd circular video screen with surrounding light show plays through much of the show

- Surround sound high quality audio

What a movie!