Kid A

by Radiohead

(2000) Capitol

Description A very bizarre album-but in a good way.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Experimental
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Member Reviews

On 12/25/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
An interesting album, very different from their early work. This is more rooted in loops, less of a normal form to it. But good, very good.
On 12/17/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is great. It isn't a commercially successful album, but that doesn't stop it from being a great album anyway. It can rely on music without drums and guitars, which is incredible since they have a rock background, and yet the music is catchy after the first couple of hearings, and the strange sounds and echoes become part of the listening experience. The guitars, bass and drums come together for one full track, "Optimistic", which was quite a radio hit, and the bass and drums are scattered in most areas around the album, if you can find them in the sea of sounds, that is. The Bass is clearly heard on track three ("The National Anthem"), a very radiohead-style song that is very catchy and makes you want to shake your head back and forth the same way Thom Yorke (lead singer of the group) does on stage. An accuistic guitar is used on track four ("How To Dissapear Completely") with a huge orchestra also in the background, giving it a solid feel. If their is a word to sum up this album, it would have to be Impressive. Radiohead certainly is a unique band with a unique style of music, I admire them. The only real problem people have with this CD is probably that it sounds really different from the music they used to play. They can't stand all those wierd sound effects and echo sounds, they want the rock music to come back. Although that isn't a major problem on the album and doesn't hurt it in any kind of major way, many of their fans from the beginning don't really relate to the album.