How To Read Music

by Terry Burrows


Description A total begginers guide to reading all those squiggilly lines, dots and spaces. A course in 10 progressive lessons with a demo CD.
Posted By Mark Guest (529)
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On 12/10/2001, Mark Guest (529) posted:
Overall Rating:
Music theory is something that I find strangely very intresting. From other books on the subject I have found that a certain level of music experiance is required even to understand the basic concepts.

In this book however, the 10 progressive lessons, each building on the other provide a clear course that can take even the dumbest(me) "illiterate" musicians to a level where reading - but most importantly - understanding is achieved painlessly.

The CD is a god send, how else could you work out the timing of those bloody Hemidemisemiquavers - now go on, be honest.

An excellent book, while not written with guitar players in mind, (everything raised by an 8ve) it's more general approach makes it a must for every musician.

The only draw back - and yes I am nitt picking is that the English is that of an Illiterate Turkish refugee. For me to find these mistakes means they must be VERY obvious! And please no sarcastic comments about the my English in this review!!!! Check out "How to Read Music" by Terry Burrows. Learning to read music is one thing a musician NEVER regrets.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists