Tacoma DR8CE2

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Tacoma

Description 22 fret bolt on neck solid spruce top solid rosewood sides and back cutaway body paisley shaped soundhole on shoulder of guitar instead of under the strings
Posted By Scott Howard (49)
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Member Reviews

On 12/8/2001, Scott Howard (49) posted:
Overall Rating:
I compared this guitar to Taylor, gibson, martin, Ibanez, guild, fender...... almost everything.

My original plan was to buy a jumbo for a big, rich tone but the Tacoma DR8CE2 put an end to that in a very good way.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $702.00 (new)
Where Obtained: local store
Tacoma guitars are made in Tacoma WA. Solid Spruce top, solid Rosewood back and sides. Mahagony 22 fret bolt on neck with a rosewood fretboard six string acoustic. the E2 model features an active piezo pickup but has no tone or volume controls. Satin finish, with a clear almost invisible pickgaurd. Dreadnought body with cutaway. pinless bridge design(way cool). gotoh tuners
The action was quite high as purchased but the guitar played easily. I have ground down the saddle and adjusted the truss rod and have brought the action down to 1/8 of an inch at the 12th fret. Now it plays quite well but I am going to purchase a new tusQ saddle and reset the neck because I think that the tone and volume was slightly better with the strings higher off the body. I know this sounds like a pain in the a-- but it really isn't given that the guitar has a bolt on neck which is not glued in place. Very easy to change the Setup. If you aren't comfortable doing this yourself any luthier worth his salt can do it easily and for a modest charge
Sound Quality:
By far the best sounding acoustic I have tried. Before I payed for it I compared it with every high dollar acoustic in the store and it was no contest !! Very full resonant tone. LOUD repeat LOUD! nice deep but tight bottom end and sharp shimmering highs. GO PLAY ONE!!
Very well built, quality woods. Neck is very thin though, it is very close in comparison to my Ibanez Sabre 540s electric. The thin neck is easily bent by holding the body and pushing or pulling with your left hand while playing. I'm not going to use this like a whammy though! LOL Plenty durable just take care of it