Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Dean

Description The guitar has (a): Basswood Body 24-3/4" Scale & 1-11/16" Nut Grover Tuners Chrome Hardware Zebra Pickups Tune-O-Matic Bridge Bolt-on Construction Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Dot Inlays 22 Frets Coil Tap. It is 'Les Paul Style' guitar
Posted By Rob Hails (191)
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On 12/4/2001, Rob Hails (191) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a few other Les Paul guitars, especially Vintage guitar etc (the make Vintage), and I found, with the budget I had, this was the best all-rounder. It gave a range of sounds/tones/feelings which I like, because im still 'finding my neice' in guitar playing! As a starter guitar, I am sure this is plenty enough to keep me going!
Where Obtained: Shop in Bristol, England, UK
It was made in Korea. It has a basswood body and a maple neck. It has 22 prefectly normal frets and is a 6-stringed guitar. It has the usual volume and tone controls, but the distinguishing feature is that of the coil tap, which changes the use of the pickups. In its 'down' position, it plays as a humbucker guitar, which is useful for some meat! The 'up' position is when the pickups are used as single coil pickups, this can be used for a more sweeter sound, or a more sharper sound, depending on the choice of pickup (bridge, neutral, neck). The pickups are called 'zebra' pickups, but I think that that is merely because of their colours! The finish is a smooth white on my guitar. As mentioned before, the general style is 'Les Paul', but if you know Dean guitars-, you will see that it is the recogniseable Dean shape. Im not realy sure how to explain the bridge style, you'l have to see for yourself- The tuners are called groover tuners!
Yes I can obtain the preferred action on the guitar, I've even experimented with a type of classical posture, and this was acomplishable! I have found no problem with the neck in terms of playability. The guitar plays about as good as any other guitar I've played, I haven't tried many tho!;) There are no forceable flaws.
Sound Quality:
I have used this guitar with my Crate GX15r amp (review coming up!) I cant see why this guitar cannot fit any style! The sound is warm, but it depends on the use of pickups (see above). I've heard sweeter tones, but on those guitars I haven't heard anything like meat! No mods to think of. The guitar is a bit noisy in fact, the problem is that I think its got dodgy wiring inside, I think its got an earth problem, as the noise goes when you earth the guitar, E.G. touch a metal part of it! I haven't played the guitar on stage or in the studio!;p
OOO im not sure about live playing, I haven't gigged the guitar as yet! No adjustments have been made as yet either! The guitar has only been owned by me for a few monthes, so we'll see for this section!