Givson Jumbo

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Givson

Description Found only in India ($38=Rs1900 in 2001).Though it is plywood, it sounds superb, deep and warm.
Posted By Rishi Tandon (49)
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On 12/3/2001, Rishi Tandon (49) posted:
Overall Rating:
Hell guys, though i was pretty apprehensive on buying my first axe, this turned out to be a GREAT buy...

If you are ever in India, take a look at the Givson Jumbo in your nearest music shop.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $38.00 Rs 1900 (new)
Where Obtained: ML Furtado's,Metro, South Bombay, India
Made in Givson guitar works, Calcutta, India Note:Though "Givson" was intended (I suppose) as a ripoff of the American company "Gibson", it can hold its own against the best irrespective of its dishonourable origins. The jumbo is spanish, no cutaway,no f-cuts. Neck material? Probably rosewood. (or is it mango wood?) Body?......Plywood Frets: 22, 15 uptil the neck/body joint. Its ACOUSTIC! No electronics, but the shopheeper said that he can fix pickups if I wanted him to. It has a natural finish (for plywood) ie.Nice yellowish with light brown streaks (like the kind you see in plywood). The neck has a decent light brown glossy finish. The bridge style? the strings end at the bridge which is at the end of the soundhole.They go into the body. No tuner given with the guitar.
It takes some the jumbo is a.... er...a jumbo! So the body is big and you have to get used to it. Non jumbo versions are probably less akward to hold.
Sound Quality:
Well suited to Rock, metal, popish stuff and even hindi film music, and country. (thats all I and my pals have played on it!) Sounds pretty warm, not twangy but on the right side of twangy-warm.(Better than its Hobner cousins) And its loud, VERY LOUD! Sounds great on stage! SAnd one day I hope to take it to the studios as well! ;)
Can't say..but it survived rides to my college and back, not to say college itself!