Danelectro Tuner

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Description Inline chromatic pedal tuner.
Posted By Daniel Yourdon (904)
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On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have owned a Whittner Quarts tuner for years.and seriously considered a BOSS pedal tuner over this one. locally the price of the BOSS was about double that of this one and it doesn't fit in the DanElectro case I may still end up with the BOSS though. it is way more sensative than the Wittner that I have been using. and far more accurate in all the strings. really whish it had the bypass though.
Price: $17.50 (new)
Where Obtained: MusiciansFriend.com
Small pedal that matches the set of Danelectro effects pedals that I have. it sets right in the case with the rest of them. the digital tuning scale is back lit so it can be seen while setting on the floor, with this featurre the darker the stage the better.it also has flat sharp lights if you can't see the gauge. I hooked this up to the electronic keyboard that is used in our group and every note registered perfictly.or just a tad flat. this is great the last tuner I had I had to tune every dtring to A because it was the only note that it trully regestered accurately. areal pain. one feature that it lacks that almost caused me to pass on it, no silent tuning override. the sound man has to shut me down at the sound board for me to check my tuning. extremely accurate.
These pedals don't look like it but they are very rugged. most comments I have heard are about the plastic housing.but I think this is just plastic over metal. the wekest link that I see in them are the knobs, although I use them as stomp boxes and have never had a problem.