D'Addario Half RoundHR-330 Extra-super Light

Made by D'Addario

Description D'Addario Half round solid Nickle wound strings
Posted By Daniel Yourdon (904)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was an experiment in a different type of string. I bought them out of pure curiosity and was plesantly surprised at how good they are. Long life don't know what they woul really cost but my bet is there not cheap.my set had a sale price of 8.50 but I got them for 2.00. wouldn't pay the real price for them unless they would last 6 months. I was real pleased for it being an experiment. I'm rating them down here simply because of the price
Price: $2.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Bizzare Guitar
Super light strings,.008 to .039 pure nickle. tough stuff rugged as .010 strings Half round.they wher wound as round wound then ground flat on the outside serface ball ends
Sound Quality:
Fantastic sound the best I have heard in D'Addario strings. I used the one set I found on an Ovation Acoustic they wher wonderful although they where to light for an acoustic guitar. I really noticed the difference when I changed them. so did my wife who usually doesn't notice things like that. they did manage to hold ther own during our worship services but I wouldn't do it again. I really didn't think they would work when I put them on. really wish I had put them on my Gibson Epiphone. would have gotten a much better evaluation of them that way. wy tough string though. I play the Ovation hard and they never Broke.
I had them on for I think twoo months and they never really gave up. didn't break either but I really believe this is more of a miracle than anything.(see I play in church). I've never been able to get away with anything lighter than.010 so I was really shocked when they didn't break right of the bat much less two months later.they still tuned farely well in the end but this was the primary reason I changed them, that and they where just to high pitched for an acoustic. I would buy these strings in a heavier Gauge in a heartbeat. woul like to have a set of the same for my Gibson.