D'Addario EJ10 Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

Made by D'Addario

Description 80/20 bronve Round wound Ball Ends,color coded
Posted By Daniel Yourdon (904)
Directory Equipment: Strings
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On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
Overall Rating:
These are my#1 choice in strings when you consider quality and price. excellent sound.long life.durability beyond anything I've found before(and alloys do make a difference) and at least in bulk prices. a fairly good price. I like D'Addario stuff they seem to be top notch quality
Price: $31.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend.com
Gauges run from .010 to .047. Perfect for me Nickle wire wound with 80/20 Bronze. lowest 4 strings are round wound color coded Ball ends, good idea since they all come in one bag,nothing else distinguishes the strings from each other axcept there thickness. you could get a couple backwards. no special ttreatment that I know of but a real smooth string .
Sound Quality:
I use these on an Ovation Acoustic. beautiful sound expecially for such a light gauge string. I need the thinner strings for barring but want the richer deeper tone of acoustic strings D'Addario has hit a good balance here. I play mostly for worship services but we play everything from Hymns to contemporary(rock) Music. I've never had a Problem with these strings not fitting in.this is defenatly not true for alot of other strings out there these are my second favorite strings for this Guitar. and when price is factored in they are moved to the top of the list.I've never tried Elixers but I have known others who have and tuning them was A nightmare.
I Keep strings on my guitar until they begin to waver when trying to tune them with an electronic tuner. I can usually get 6 weeks out of these strings. they are the seconf longest lasting strings I've ever used.(but like I said I've never used Elixers). the set that lasted the longest where designed for long life but not much else. they stay in tune Better than any other strings I've used and getting the stretc out of them when first installed is real quick. the only thing that really messes with the tuning of these strings is climate changes. but thats as much messing with the whole Guitat as anything. I've never broke one of these strings.I play hard. and leave them on for a long time. there tough and are still going when I've worn strings thrrrough on my other guitar.