Dunlop Big Stubby Guitar Pick

Made by Dunlop

Description Regular size pick made of the same material as the stubby. I have one in 1mm,2mm and 3mmsizes.all mine are clear plastic which is a real pain if you drop them.
Posted By Daniel Yourdon (904)
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On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
Overall Rating:
This pick was recomende to me when I went looking for a pick to play lead licks with. it has helped improve my speed and consistency of sound. I love it's feel but you'll have to try one to see what I mean. I have used alot of picks and found none that can be heald onto like this one. great pisk just put some color in them so they can be found when you lay them down.
Price: $0.65 (new)
Where Obtained: Carpenters Music World
Clear plastic which is different but don't drop it you'll never find it. I put fingernail polish on mine soit can be seen. made of the same material as the stubby but is a regular size pick(I prefer the sma;;er one) with the same feel on the strings. this pick has what I would call a rubbery feel against the strings.I have 1mm, 2mm and 3mm sizes. I prefer the 3mm. I was told that this pick was made for playing jazz. and is one of the top sellers here in Reno for lead players.same grip as the stubby, shallow indents on each side with raised lettering provide a grip that is like no other. I never have a problem holding onto this pick
Actually because I prefer the smaller style of the stubby I don't use thia one enough to rate it's durability. being made of the same material I will rate it the same. as the pick wears the feel of it improves. it wears fairly fast but his is a plus considering I want it to. I've used the same pick for a year now and don't see any need to replace it soon