DiMarzio Ultra

Made by DiMarzio

Description Colapsable Guitar stand, Black tube design with surgical tube padding on guitar rests
Posted By Daniel Yourdon (904)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 11/24/2001, Daniel Yourdon (904) posted:
Overall Rating:
I hang an Ovation Acoustic on one side of it and A Bass Guitar on the other side of it every week. I wasn't sure it woul balance like that at first but it's never had a problem.it's a little cheesy in its construction and I've considered replacing the padding with some Pipe inslation type foam. the lead guitarist in our group won't trust it to hold his Gibson and I don't blame him. I pulled it over once when I got my foot cought up in the chord to the Guitar so its stability is borderline.I'd rather rip a chord apart than dump a 900.00 Guitar.
Price: $19.95 (new)
Where Obtained: Bizarre Guitar
Compact and light weight. great for hauling to gigs every week. double guitar capacity in a small package. designed to hold a wide range of guitars at one time. have trouble fiting an Acoustic and a Bass on it at the same time though it can be done.
I've had mine for about 9 months now. the legs are a little floppy when it is folded up but plenty strong when set up. it gets thrown in the bottom of my trunck and the rest of my gear is piled on top if it every week.it holds up just fine. not even scratched up.it needs a slight amount of tlc. woouldn't want to see it after it got ran over or anything