by System of a Down

(2001) American

Personnel Daron Malakian-guitars, background vocals Serj Tankian-vocals, keyboards Shavo Odadjian-bass John Dolmayan-drums
Description A powerful and fast album that never lets go until the very end. A MUST HAVE FOR PUNK/METAL FANS.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 12/12/2008, Michael Laurance (4040) posted:
Overall Rating:
I just got into this album a few months ago, and I'm sorry it took me so long. This band is a clear demonstration of just how tight a band can be. The changes are intense. High poins are Psycho, Forest and Chop Suey!
On 6/8/2003, Anthony Holden (9426) posted:
Overall Rating:
For any fans of this genre, I 'highly' recommend this album. My favs would be 'Science', 'Toxicity' & 'Prison Song'. This album is not only entertaining, but flows from start to finish. This album just about touches everything (musically), ie. 'Punk', 'Heavy Metal', 'Hard Core', etc. and even a 'jig' thrown in for good measure.
On 11/12/2001, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is great in every direction. It has a lot of power and energy to it, which shows passion and seriousness unlike most mass rock giants. They also have a sort of message, from science being the fall of spirituality, to anti-political issues. This album also deals with suicide, isolation, and just about anything inbetween from a tapeworm to a forest of denials. This album has it all. It has a lot of flavors from different cultures, mostly in the vocals and in the later tracks the entire songs turns into this kind of Eastern-like style.The music of every track expands and is focused, never letting go of the listener. System of a Down certainly has a gift, and I hope we can hear from them in the future.

1. Prison Song 2. Needles 3. Deer Dance 4. Jet Pilot 5. X 6. Chop Suey! 7. Bounce 8. Forest 9. ATWA 10. Science 11. Shimmy 12. Toxicity 13. Psycho 14. Aerials

This album is for anyone who likes hard hitting and fast music. This is a great album, and should be on anyone's christmas list.