Jay Turser JT-200C

Electric Guitar

Made by Jay Turser

Description Cherry sunburst Made in China Limited Lifetime warranty. Les Paul copy. 2 Humbuckers
Posted By Tom Dominick (14)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 11/7/2001, Tom Dominick (14) posted:
Overall Rating:
I just bought it for the price as I have a Custom Strat, an Ibanez Artstar and my 25 year old Yamaha classical. Yes Id buy another one of these bad boys. A better nut would be a plus. I put some Ernie Ball 9's on it. Favorite aspect is the price. the worst aspect is the nut. If you are looking for a guitar on a budget and you try one you won't go wrong if you buy one.
Price: $227.00 (new)
Where Obtained: the guitar guys on ebay
Made in china. Rosewood neck, 6 strings volume tone 3 way switch 2 double hummers, sunburst single cut away L.P. copy non locking gibson style tuners
Nice action right out of the box. The neck is better than average. It came with d'addario 10s. It plays very well and has no flaws that I can see
Sound Quality:
I blow through a Fender Twin with a Master Volume, ruby tubes and Celestion speakers when I want and need depth or super balls. I mainly use a Fender Princeton Chorus a lot because its easier to lug around and has plenty of power and good tones. I can play just about anything, rock, slide, a little Country and some Jazz and yes I did play surf music back in the day :-). The sound on this guitar is mind blowing through either amp, especially for the price. Its tons lighter than a L.P. and a helluva lot cheaper AND she sounds like one of an older Rickenbacher that I had years ago. I am considering changing the nut from plastic to bone but will leave the pickups alone. I would use this guitar to gig or record no problem at all.
I havent even gotten it broke in but it seems sturdy enough. The hardware looks and operates good. I dont know about the climate change yet