Cream - Strange Brew

(1991) A Vision Entertainment #50257-3

Description Rocks all-time legendary Power Trio...
Posted By Sheshagiri Pai (4313)
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On 11/3/2001, Sheshagiri Pai (4313) posted:
Overall Rating:
Probably the most complete video of Cream...with interspersed interviews with Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker...songs include..Sunshine of your love..White Room..Spoonful Toad..I'm so glad..I feel free..Strange Brew...Crossroads..Sitting on top of the world. It also include a rare performance by Jimi Hendrix doing Sunshine of your Love. The vidoe is a total of 60 minutes .... I challenge those who think Clapton sucks...just seem him play in Royal Albert will think otherwise. Actually I was surprised myself...he could play so ferociously. Jack Bruce has powerful vocals and terrific bass playing and Ginger Baker...will make you take up drums. All in all good value for money and a tape to treasure.