Melodic Control

by Marty Friedman

Description Soar your solos to new heights with Marty of Megadeth...
Posted By Sheshagiri Pai (4313)
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On 11/3/2001, Sheshagiri Pai (4313) posted:
Overall Rating:
With "Melodic Control" your soloing will soar to new heights as Marty Friedman demonstrates and explain how to gain control as a lead player and use your control to develop creative melodic solos. Not only will you learn numerous arpeggios, scales, licks, position shifts, picking techniques and string bends, but you will develop melodic control by increasing you awareness of the chord progression and learn to follow each chord change while playing lead. Included is great a music and tablature booklet. 58 minutes of non stop guitar far as I am concerned could be one of the best in the market...I promise you.
Suitable for advanced guitarists