Ramirez R4

6-String Guitar

Made by Ramirez

Description Nylon String Classical Guitar
Posted By Anthony Ridi (2010)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 10/30/2001, Anthony Ridi (2010) posted:
Overall Rating:
This classical guitar bears the similar features of a handcrafted guitar such as the expensive woods and bracings. It is still a factory made instrument and doesn't have the precise fittings as do the Ramirez 1A or the Elite. It is a great instrument for those players who can't afford $5000 for those professional models. Always choose a guitar store that has a few of these models so that you can choose the better sounding one.
Model Year: 1997
Price: $2500.00 Canadian (new)
Where Obtained: Tenth Fret
Ramirez is a company that is based out of Spain. This is the top factory made model produced by Ramirez. All higher models are handcrafted.

The back and sides are made of Indian Rosewood. The top is Cedar. Ebony Fingerboard The scale is 656mm
The action really can only be adjusted by shaving down the bridge, therefore the action is set by the company. I haven't touched it since I bought it and I am happy with the action. It's action & playability are comparable to most decently made Classical Guitars. The tuners have awesome designs on them and are very stable if strung properly.
Sound Quality:
The sound quality is decent compared to those handcrafted guitars. It's sound suits most classical and flamenco style music. It does sound moderately dark. The notes decrease in volume evenly as you fret a higher note with few drop outs. The bass is solid, a little unclear and boomy Best sounding strings for the guitar, Savarez J models
This is a classical guitar, keep good care of it! Needs to be humidified Should stay in its case Don't expect it not to be dinged if you hit it.