Don Carter Guitars Custom

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Don Carter Guitars

Description Hard Rock Maple Neck Cocobola Rosewood Fretboard Jumbo Frets Spertzel Tuners Alnico II Pickups Standard Gotoh Bridge with heavy block Ask body with curly maple veneer top
Posted By Anthony Ridi (2010)
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On 10/28/2001, Anthony Ridi (2010) posted:
Overall Rating:
You should see this guys work. Superior. His acoustics are celestial. I looked at Fender, G&L, Moore, Parker Fly, Jackson, Ibanez. None compare. This guitar could be better but this is due to the style of the guitar and not necesarily the craftsmanship. I love the playability and the look. The sound is great but I think that other pick-ups may take it over the top.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $1400.00 Canada (new)
Where Obtained: Midtown Music, Sarnia Ontario Canada
*Custom Made to my specs in Canada *Body is made from Ash Wood and has a curly maple veneered top. The neck is hard-rock maple with a cocobola rosewood fingerboard * This six string guitar has 22&1/2 jumbo frets *The pickups are Seymour Duncan Alnico II passive (S/S/H) *It has 2 knobs, volume and tone and a 5 way pickup selector. *The finish is a lackered tobacco sunburst top *The body is has the double cutaway style of a stratocaster but without the pick-guard. *The bridge is a standard Goto bridge with a heavy block *The tuners are locking Spertzels.
The guitar's playability is second to none. I have never touched another guitar without comparing it to my Carter. Only high-priced guitars such as G&L, USA FENDER Custom, have comparible playability. It is however unique in the respect of the dimensions of the nect. The neck is about as thick as a classical guitar neck and is a little wider than your average electric neck. I requested a wider neck so that bothe the E strings don't ever slide off the neck. I have never felt uncomfortable on this guitar. The action is relatively low but the height can be easily adjusted for other styles of playing. It does contain a few flaws. Playing in the zone of the 19 to 22th fret can be a little tight.
Sound Quality:
I use a custom All-Tube head (1970's Traynor shell) made by Jeff Laroque at Midtown Music. I can't even call it a mod because all the circuit work was based on Mr. Laroque's patented schematics. I also use a Zoom 4040 effects controller. I bought it only because it featured an expression pedal that allowed you to control the gain. (NO MORE CLICKS AND KNOCKS IF I WANT TO GO FROM CLEAN TO DIRTY) This guitar can hold it's own in basically any situation. I play rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues and it seems to play well in most situations. It is a dark sounding guitar. I would like to experiment with other pickups to see the difference. It is only a little noisy when it is out of phase. This guitar is meant for both studio and stage performances.
The only thing that p---es me off is that little nub that falls off the pick-up selector. This guitar does not fare well in extreme climate changes. Most high-priced guitars are subject to this same fate. Word of warning, never play an outdoor show at the beginning of May in Canada. The finish became dull and much of the wood's moisture was sucked out of the guitar. The neck has only been adjusted once and it was a slight adjustment.