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Description Heres the homesite of one of the guitarists (my personal favourite), writing history with their guitars...
Posted By Iavor Jelev (41)
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On 2/18/2003, Robert Chiefari (5087) posted:
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Petrucci rocks. His solo mp3's are great. You can really hear his technique without the rest of the band playing along. There is a decent forum in there, but I doubt JP visits it much...if at all. I didn't see any posts from him in about 2 years...
On 10/23/2001, Iavor Jelev (41) posted:
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In this website you can find some interesting stuff about John like his biography, discography, gears and sounds. You can find some of his solos for the "Scenes from a memory album" played alone... theyre still cool! Its not a representation of the best web design but thats not the idea... its worth seeing! And he is worth listening to!!!