Chicken Picken Riffs

(2001) Hal Leonard

Posted By Daniel Mckee (3210)
Directory Books/Tab: Country
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On 10/21/2001, Daniel Mckee (3210) posted:
Overall Rating:
HOWDY PARTNER!!! All joking aside, I luv this book, finally a book of guitr music by the overly underestimated country style, this isn't slow ountry or hard rock country, it is fun twang twang stuff. Each riff is in standard notation and Tab, it rules. Lots of bends and slides. They even give you scales to solo like the pros. I know less than %10 of whole noters listen to or much less appreciate country, but hay, next to rock, it has the most professional guitarist, so try out this book and learn the style. This is a great country book, its about time a book of this type was made.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists