Dean ML

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Dean

Description The Dean ML is an awesome, affordable axe. It's design is a hybrid of an Explorer & a Flying V. It's split head finishes off it's intimidating appearance.
Posted By William Long (60)
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On 10/20/2001, William Long (60) posted:
Overall Rating:
To be honest, I was interested in this guitar because of it's appearance (besides, Dimebag is too awesome to not be inspired). At the time, I was thinking of getting another Explorer, now I'm glad I didn't. This axe has everything I need to bash out heavy metal rhythm, tone, feel, power, & an itimidating appearance.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $380.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Edward's Music, Fayetteville, NC
The model I purchased was made in Korea. It has 22 frets, which are all "jumbo-sized", two double coil humbuckers @ the bridge & neck positions each with it's own volume control & an overall tone control. It has a graphite nut, Grover tuners, & a stop tail piece. The body is all maple with a mahogany neck & a rosewood fingerboard. The body is a "see-through" cranberry color which is beautiful. Oh yeah, I replaced the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Invader for more "punch."
The action on this guitar is great & easy to adjust. The only problem with playing live is that it is like a Gibson flying V I used to own: it's heavy @ the head end & slides to that end when you let go of it. It got some weight to it, but not as much as a Gibson explorer. I personally enjoy heavy guitars so to me it fits me like a glove!
Sound Quality:
I play it through a Peavey Classic Chorus 212 & use a Peavey Max100 pedal. This with the Invader pickup by Seymour Duncan make for a sound that is heavier than hell.
I've banged this axe against walls & amps, & I've dropped it once. No problem. It barely has a scratch & stays in tune forever!