Danelectro Hodad

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Danelectro

Description While it comes in other colors ,mine is pearl white,with four lipstick pick-ups,rosewood finger board,two vol knobs and two tone knobs that are also switches that phase the pick-ups in two or four phase sound
Posted By Marc Langevin (101)
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Member Reviews

On 10/19/2001, Marc Langevin (101) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought this as a joke but found it to be supriseingly fine!!! I have Fenders and LesPauls ,Fernandes, and yamaha guitars and this is no longer a joke. Its a stright forward guitar with all the tone and sound and retro looks and wount brake your piggy bank
Model Year: 2001
Price: $149.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
The retro feel and sound of a vintage 50s guitar with four chrome lip stick pickups .It has a maple neck with rosewood finger board,Carbon body makes it light and the side binding gives it a touch of class.the pearl white has a realy fine flip,that show's it true color under the lights the pick-ups can be switched in or out of phase witch cives it 16 differnt sound combos.mine is a non tremlo mod, with chrome tunners, the pick-ups are S/S-S/S an all around good buy for the monies
The neck and action are fairly light,and the neck has a good feel,and with the 24 frets has a lot of room too run on.Its not my Les paul but has a place in my aray of guitars
Sound Quality:
The passive and standard switching on the tone switches give it a wide sound scape for twang to hard sounds.I play Jazz rock and fuison and sometime this baby is all I need.It states you can get 16 differnt sounds out of the pickup and I belive you can
Iam not saying you can throw it arround but with a carbon body and a maple neck it pretty tough and 10 months latter it still the same as when I bought itPLUS it shows no pick marks