The Segovia Collection (Vol. 3)

by Andres Segovia


Description This is an absolutely incredible recording with songs by some of the best for composers for guitar or songs transribed for guitar, played by one of the most famous and best classical guitarists that ever lived.
Posted By Jeffrey Kraus (117)
Directory Recordings: Classical
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Member Reviews

On 10/21/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
What can be said about Segovia, a master of classical guitar. Smooth Fluid Effortless, all describe his playing, go listen to some of his music, now!
On 10/14/2001, Jeffrey Kraus (117) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an absolutely incredible recording. All the songs on it are brilliant, and either written by some of the best composers for guitar or transcribed for the instrument by Segoiva. This is one of the best classical guitar records I own and definetly one of Segovia's best.