Play What You Hear

by Chris Standring

(2001) Play Jazz Guitar Publications

Description A complete home study course in jazz guitar improv by Chris Standring
Posted By Chris Standring (9)
Directory Books/Tab: Jazz
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On 10/1/2001, Chris Standring (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
Chris Standring once again shows that those who CAN, teach. Standring teaches with an intuitive flair that is very rare in the glutted world of jazz guitar education". Highly recommended. Chris markets a no-nonsense jazz guitar methodology. A true Pedagogue.

An authoritative addition to the many hats of composer, performer, recording artist and jazz musician. Teaches jazz as only a real American can. God bless America, and God bless Chris Standring".

Prof. Richard Smith Chair, Studio/Jazz Guitar Department USC Thornton School of Music