Kramer Striker FR422S/D

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Kramer

Description A typical "superstrat" configuration, this is a good way of getting a middle of the road axe for just a few bones.
Posted By Justin Frear (3769)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 9/27/2001, Justin Frear (3769) posted:
Overall Rating:
I must say, I'm really happy with this guitar. It was originally bought as a backup, and I figured for $180, I can't go wrong. I'm now using it more that I do my Gibby. It's held up wonderfully and totally exceeded my expectations. Would I buy another one? Absolutely! Granted it's not in the same league as my Paul or a PRS, but then again, it's only $180 clams! It's a great deal for the money. Is that enough to get me an endorsement???
Model Year: 2000
Price: $179.99 (new)
Where Obtained:
Pretty much standard as the rest of the Striker line. 24 frets, bolt on maple neck w/ Indian Rosewood fretboard, alder body, licensed Floyd Rose trem with an EVH D-Tuna, Gotoh tuners. The 422 comes stock with a "Quad Rail" (humbucker) in the bridge & "Dual Rails" (single coils) in the middle and neck positions. One volume and tone that is also a push/pull coil tap. 5 way selector switch. I chose white for my color option. The finish is a little bit sloppy in the electronics cavities, but what do I care? I generally don't stare in the cavities.
These come new from the warehouse, and not all that bad for a factory set up. has downloadable instructions for set up assistance, and is pretty thorough. Neck is nice and thin and ready to shred. Body countour is very nice and is very similar to a Satriani model Ibanez. One flaw I noted on mine pertained to the frets...had a couple rough edges that needed buffing, but nothing real major.
Sound Quality:
Eh, sound as it comes stock is so-so IMO. Not too happy about the rail pickups, but they work in a pinch. A little bid muddy to my taste, and they seemed to distort earlier than I would like. They are very hot pickups though. I swapped the bridge Quad Rail for a Duncan Distortion and am much happier with my overall sound. The coil tap worked fine, but I had no use for it so when I changed pickups I rewired it so the pot is now solely for tone.
I've had mine now for over a year and it has stood the test of weekly gigs. I've been most impressed with it. The little glitches I've found here and there (ie finish issue, pickup tone, etc) are not that big of a deal to me. It's stayed intonated and I haven't had to mess with much in the past year.