Ibanez RG565

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description RG565 has a std. basswood RG style body;24 fret maple neck(ultra thin and fast);Reverse headstock;Floyd Rose lic.trem.;and is loaded with a Humbucker@bridge and a dual rail single coil@the neck.
Posted By Steven Herod (47)
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On 9/25/2001, Steven Herod (47) posted:
Overall Rating:
This guitar definitely is a "5 Star" guitar...... as are many of the Ibanez' RG lineup RG500 and greater ...... there is a reason players such as Vai and Satriani play Ibanez guitars .....these guys know what they are doing......particularly Vai....with his JEM and UV guitars which are just mutant modifications of the RG...... I could only hope that Ibanez will bring this monster back to it's lineup.
Model Year: 1991
Price: $399.99
Where Obtained: Music Shack
This RG has a baswood body w/ maple bolt on neck and also a maple fret board.This model was only in production for about a year and was only made in 3 colors Black, Red, and blue.The neck has dot inlays that are the same color as the body. It is loaded with One humbucker in the bridge position and on single coil at the neck position. The Humbucker features a large rail in the front coil and pole peices in the rear .... the single coild is a dual rail similar to Dimarzio's FastTrack .....these pickups were manufactured by Dimarzio for Ibanez and hold the same qualities as the X2n and FastTrack1 respectively. Controls for this guitar include one Volume control, one Tone Control and a five way selector. This guitar also features the Ibanez Edge Floyd Rose Lic. Tremolo.
This guitar plays like a shredder's dream ...... the neck is ultra thin and fast and the controls are slimmed down to the necessities. The body produces ample tone but is still light-weight enough for constant stage use ..... I use this as one of my primary axes and consider it my "best friend". Definatly a great "live" guitar.
Sound Quality:
The RG is typically thought of as a "Rocker's guitar" however this one can prove to be very versitile as well.........it will definitely shred ........but it also has the capability to produce warm, rich and full tones or crisp "jazzy" tones as well. I typically play this through a Mesa Boogie Half back cab w/ an all tube head which produces an awsome result.
The durability of this guitar is great. It has been over 10 years since this guitar has been in production and it still plays like a champ. These guitars can endure constant beatings (which I reguarally give) and come back for more. This thing will also stay in tune forever.....through constant string bending, picking and dive bombs you virtually cannot knock it out of tune.