RainSong Wind Song

Acoustic 12-String Guitar

Made by RainSong

Description This graphite guitar stays in tune in all climates and its full orchestral sound resonates clearly for over 12 feet, without amplification. The fingerboard is ebony, smooth to the touch with easy reach, true fretting.
Posted By Bobi Jackson (9)
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Member Reviews

On 9/16/2001, Bobi Jackson (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
I have played and own many guitars - Yamaha, Guild, Gretch, Fender, Ovation, Gibson, Epiphone - but none compare to the sound and touch of this RainSong WindSong. The first time I heard it - it struck my SoulSong.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $2900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: RainSong, Kihei, HI
The RainSong's are made in Kihei, Hawaii. They were created, by NASA engineer John Decker, to last forever, to be indestructible and to always be in tune. My RainSong Wind Song is a powerful tool for the professional and novice. They have made less expensive, lighter models which maintain their integrity of tuning and tonal quality that must be heard and felt. The metallic finish, cutaway and fine tuning pegs are a delight for the beginner and professional.
The action is adjustable to your touch. I prefer low, light touch action which allows easy pull offs and tappings. The necks are narrower than most 12 strings and similar to classical brand name necks. I own a Yamaha, Epihone and Gibson but I have only used this RainSong since its purchase. Flawless, always in tune - a magnificent tool of the trade.
Sound Quality:
Any pa, amp or mxr is adequate for this line of guitars. Any brand of amp -- Line, Yamaha, Fender, Peavey, Ibanez, - enhances the sound. The Fishman Transducer pumps the acoutic qualities of this orchestra which are overpoweringly beautiful to the ear. These RainSong's are compatible with all amps.
This Graphite RainSong is an all weather instrument. It will last longer than my lifetime. It will also be in tune long after your gigs or evening hoots are over.