Laredo 403-414

6-String Guitar

Made by Laredo

Description This Concert guitar is made in Frankfurt Germany, and is for beginners. It is easy to play when you have the right strings on it.
Posted By Ralph Robinson (212)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 9/11/2001, Ralph Robinson (212) posted:
Overall Rating:
For beginners, Practicing Chords and single notes.
Model Year: 1999
Price: $105.00 DM 210 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Schmidt
The Laredo was made in Frankfurt amain in Germany. It has a Maple top with rosewood neck, the Fretboard is died. The frets not so well smooth on the edges. There are no pickup build in. Laredo has a natural gloss finish. The body is full and for like a women in a skin tight evening gown. The bridge is a normal glued on. And I have notice that in some places I could put a piece of paper under it. sh sh sh not so good. Maybe it was just on the one that I had.
The Laredo came with factory no name strings. They were okay for some that just barly knew 2 chords at that time. Then I throw som Albert Augustine,s string set (Blue) and I thouht I was at the Philharmonic or something. There was two draw backs on the Laredo (1)the G string sound stummp and on the 3 fret even more so. The sustain is somewhat short comeing and if you like to use a lot of base in your playing, well Laredo loves to show his deep side. This guitar is super for a beginner,because of the wide Fretboard and easy for chord learning and single notes. As your playing gets better then is the Laredo like your first teacher, you learned from him or here now its time to move on better sounds.
Sound Quality:
This is a guitar you can take all over with you so if it gets damaged you dont have anything to lose execpt the memorys of your first guitar. And if you like base and you are a beginner then go for the first 3 strings. I will stick to my strat and just hold on to my laredo for the memorys.
This guitar is for home use only. just to practice your Chords. It do hold its tunning. But changes with the weather. Like a women ;-)