by David Lee Roth

(1988) Warner Brothers #9 25671-2

Personnel Roth, Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Greg Bissonette and some other people no one cares about.
Description Weird bad CD. Cookie-cutter L.A. 80's glitz.
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Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Overall Rating: 2.5 (of 5)
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On 9/6/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Bad, bad CD. Boy, for all his technical abilities Vai still couldn't save this record. Is it just me or does that high bend part at the beginning of Just Like Paradise sound hideously out of tune? The cheesy keyboards and ABSBOLUTELY DISGUSTING background vocals really help this record suck it's weight in... um... eggs. A couple songs make the huge mistake of trying to tap into that "L.A. girl" vibe on the masterpieces Girl Gone Bad and House of Pain from Van Halen's 1984, and it just falls flat. The music lacks any edge at all. The lyrics are really, really stupid. Roth has sputtered what seems to be nonsense many times before with VH, but those lyrics were abstract art, a mood-setting tool that implied vivid 80's allure rather than said things outright. This CD just sucks. If you want prime Dave, do a sharp 180-degree turn from this awful record and buy the masterpiece 1984.