Guyatone GA1100S

110W Head (4 x 4")

Made by Guyatone

Description Japanese full valve amp. manufactured in the early 70's.110watt twin channel with built in tremelo and reverb.
Posted By Peter Los (32)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 9/3/2001, Peter Los (32) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this one because a friend was getting rid of it and I was looking for one at the time. Guyatone stopped making these babies many years ago , so I took a risk since it was not going and needed some work on it. It did not have circuit diagrams. Fortunately it is largely based on the Fender Twin and was repairable without too much expense. You will not find too many of these around , but if you can get hold of one I would definitely say they are worth the effort.. they produce a full clean sound with lots of easy to use variation, excellent reverb, and seem to be easy enough to repair. The sound of a full valve amp has to be heard and can't be compared to copies.. I have owned some Marshalls ( solid state ) they were good, very reliable, but did not have the depth that the valve amps have ..
Price: $150.00 Australian
Where Obtained: friend
Two sets of knobs. One channel has 4 knobs volume , bass, etc. the other channel has 7 knobs with extras for reverb , speed and intensity. footpedals for tremelo and reverb. Full tube amp with 6X 12AT7 pre amp valves and 4 big juicy 6L6 valves for power amp. Lots of other features normal to a modern amp not present.
Sound Quality:
Presently playing on a Greg Bennett signature series Samick Telecaster style guitar with Duncan pickups. With some Boss pedals for overdrive and distortion. Playing mainly Blues. The amp is suited for blues especially sixties and seventies style..some incredible tremelo sounds beautiful mellow sounds through Duncan humbuckers. Really can't beat the sound of a full valve amp.. this amp is modelled on the Fender Twin Reverb and has a very similiar sound..It is ultra easy to use , simple dials no fuss .. Some slight noise in it at higher voumes but nothing serious.. Distorts well as the 6L6's do their thing..
Ease of Use:
Not programmable. But easy to use .. easier than most I have used in the past...
When I got it it was not going and needed some work on it . Have had new main valves replaced , new caps and 16 new capacitors.. Would recommend replacing the tubes every few years.Considering it's age , it has held up very well and I expect to get good use out of it for some time