From Chaos

by 311

(2001) Volcano #61422-32184-2

Personnel Nick Hexum: Guitar, Vocals. Chad Sexton: Drums. Tim Mahoney: Guitar. S.A. Martinez: Vocals. P-Nut: Bass.
Description Great CD. Alot like Soundsystem. More melodic savvy, but more subdued.
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Directory Recordings: Alternative
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Member Reviews

On 8/28/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This is fun music, people. I haven't internalized the whole thing yet, but what I do know is enough for now. You Wouldn't Believe, the big hit single, is a great song, and that verse riff loop is maddeningly good. It's so repetitive, but it never gets gets old. That's true looping genious at work, folks. Tim plays it manually, though, so don't worry. From Chaos is a good song with a neato Latin riff or two. I Told Myself is another good one. Champagne is a VERY mellow tune with a great main riff that shows pure riffing expertise on the part of Nick and Tim. Amber and I'll be Here Awhile are both mellow reggae and jazz flavored pieces that are cool. Uncalm is probably my fave so far. It's a sweet CD all around, with more of a mellow jazzy flavoring than before. Special note: S.A. has some vocal moments on this record that are really smooth and well done. He is a much better singer than he is a rapper, and his jazzy vocals (on Champagne especially) are very good. The mix of styles keep it fresh to the ears, and you can really see some songwriting prowess at work here.