Samick Formula 6140

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Samick

Description Telecaster style body , with Seymour Duncan designed pickups (2 lipstick , 1 humbucker)Alder body , maple neck.maple fretboard. Grover gears.
Posted By Peter Los (32)
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Member Reviews

On 9/1/2001, Peter Los (32) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at other Telecasters both origonal and copies. This is by far the best copy and really not that far short of an American made fender. When you get to my age you really don't need to prove anything by the name on the headstock.. I want a decent guitar at a good price , keeping in mind what the Aussie dollar has done to guitar prices. I looked at heaps of guitars ,many of them 4 times the price .. some were better , but definitely not that much better.. If I lost this one or had it pinched I would definitely buy another one..I love the action and the sound is good.An excellent guitar for the money... well done Samick..making some decent guitars like this should give the competition some surprises..
Model Year: 2000
Price: $595.00 Australian (new)
Where Obtained: Davies Music in Melbourne,Australia
Made in Korea. Tele Style, Quilt flat top with cream binding, Pearloid pickguard, Alder body, Maple bolt-on neck, Maple fretboard, black dot inlay, chrome hardware, 1 Duncan Design black humbucker & 2 Duncan Design chrome Lip Stick pickups, 5- way selector, 1 volume, 1 tone, string through vintage bridge, chrome dome knobs, recessed strap buttons, chrome Grover gears, Maple headstock. Colors: Transparent Blue, Transparent Emerald Green
I prefer to play with a low action.. some fret buzz that may need a little fret adjustment on two frets, but overall I love the neck. I tried many many guitars from Fenders to Gibsons, to Yamaha etc.etc. and kept coming back to this one.. lovely flat neck action , easy to move around on , especially for blues licks.. ..fell into my hand the first time I started playing on it..
Sound Quality:
I am playing on a 70's Guyatone amp. (GA1100S) fantastic sounding amp modelled on the Fender twin reverb .. with 4 6L6 valves... awesome machine.. can't beat full valve amp. I have been playing for over 30 years , in rock bands in the 70's to coffee shop scene in the 80's to church worship music in late 80's and 90's. Played and owned several decent guitars from fender to Maton to some reasonable japanese stuff. (Ibanez). I enjoy playing the blues,from early accoustic (Delta blues) to electric blues of Clapton etc. This guitar is well suited to electric blues style , great range of sounds from warm and mellow with the humbucker to sharp and tight with the lipsticks. Sound quality overall is reasonable for a guitar in this price range you may want to put in better pickups if you were so inclined but these have a good range of sounds. Only down side is that the humbucker is 16ohm while lipsticks are 4ohm , makes for noticable transition with 5 way selector switch. Pickups should have been matched better.
A very solid guitar seems to stay in tune quite well .. Grover hardware speaks for itself.. a quality unit for this price.