Fender 1980s Fender Stratocaster Elite- Lefty


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Description It is a lefty model of the 1980s Fender Strat Elite. It has a V-shaped maple neck, active electronics and instead of a 5 way toggle switch it has 3 buttons which activate the guitar's pickups.
Posted By Chris Reichl (1198)
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On 8/24/2001, Chris Reichl (1198) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a Mexican made Standard Strat ( Remember Im lefty..) and this one was just nice to play, and it is a rather nice guitar in contrast. Yes I would DEFINITELY buy this guitar again if it was lost or stolen. My fave aspect of the Elite was its neck, and its clean tone. But the hard part was getting used to the MDX and TBX controls.
Model Year: 1983
Price: $475.00
Where Obtained: The Big Noise- Appleton, WI
This is a US made Strat,manufactured during the 80s. I think Fender was trying out a form of active electronics that would later culminate in the Eric Clapton Stratocaster. Because this guitar has the same electronics. TBX and Midrange Boost/Cut, as well as pickups that were designed by EMG. What makes the Elite unique to its Stratocaster brethren is there is no tremelo cavity. Instead it has a very tricky Kahler like designed tremelo system. The 5 way toggle was replaced by 3 buttons which activate the pickups. You can get a variety of settings, tele tones, Strats,and great humbucker tones. The middle button activates the dummy coil and can turn it to be a midrange boost or a humbucker. so you get 7 settings instead of 5. I almost forgot, The body is made of ash, EXTREMELY RESONANT!
It took me a while to get accustomed to this guitar, but I love the neck. It is a fine hard V shape, reminiscent of 50s stratocasters. You can really bend the strings to forever with the action too. It plays a bit classier than my Japanese Standard Strat. and it took a while to get the feel for the electronics. But once I got the hang of it, my fingers soar on this guitar.
Sound Quality:
I use this with a Tube Driver TD-752 100Watt Combo, and a smattering of effects ( BOSS, Ibanez) But what I found was this, the guitar enjoys distortion without muddying up, but not too much. It has a beautiful clean sound too, very sensitive to touch dynamics. From what I've heard Ty Tabor of King's X uses one, so I wonder what he does with his. I would recommend this one for blues, rock, pop, country too. But I don't know if this one is for metal or not. Noise is a bit of a problem but thats only when the middle pickup is on. Otherwise it's quiet as a mouse.
I used this guitar first in a live setting, and that's where I got to see what it can do. Very steady , holds its tuning well, however I would strongly recommend NOT using the tremelo.