Ibanez AEG10

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Acoustic-electric...mahogany body...spruce top..single cutaway...black w/abalone rosette around the sound hole.
Posted By Steve Walter (1631)
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On 10/21/2001, Steve Walter (1631) posted:
Overall Rating:
Here is an update on this review: We have had the guitar back from Ibanez for over a month now, and everything seems to be working correctly now (I'm keepin' my fingers crossed on this)... Maybe the third time was a charm... I'll continue to update this review as time goes on......We chose this guitar based on tone quality, appearance, and value for the price... I would not purchase this guitar again if stolen...hell, I think I would even throw in a free strap for the thief... Ibanez had better do something to improve the quality control on this model, or they won't be able to give them away.... I sent a note along to the factory when we sent it back this time...I told them that if they can't fix the damn thing right this time.....keep it.......I'll find a company that does give a damn about quality control... Maybe that will get their attention...
Model Year: 2001
Price: $300.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Wray's
Made in China...mahogany body...spruce top...maple neck...rosewood fretboard...single cutaway...gloss black finsh... This is a beautiful guitar, with excellent acoustic tune... The problem is with the electronics... The whole electronics module had to be replaced (by the factory, which means we had to pay the shipping) within one WEEK of purchase. We have had the guitar back for a month now, and the output jack is now beginning to short out... The bridge also had to be shaved to lower the playing action to a reasonable height...
Had to shave the bridge to get the action to a reasonable height... The neck is straight, fast, and easy to play...
Sound Quality:
Excellent tone in acoustic mode, and probably better than average in electric mode, when you can use it....
We have had nothing but problems with the electronics on this guitar....Ibanez has been good as far as their warranty service, but damnit, you shouldn't need warranty service twice in two months....