by Tool

(1993) Volcano #61422-31052-2

Personnel Maynard James Keenan: vocals, Danny Carey: drums, Adam Jones: guitar, Paul D'Amour: bass
URL http://toolband.com
Description Excellent early 90's metal/alternative music. It took me awhile after buying it to realize that it was made in '93. Way ahead of it's time.
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Directory Recordings: Alternative
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On 8/27/2001, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
This record's chances of deserving 4 stars look slim at first. At first, it seems to have a dry, dismal, monotonous grunge-like chug to it, and you may make the completely misguided assumption that it's just another assembly line grunge album. The great song Sober will hook you, and then you might like Intolerance, and then you won't really know what to make of it. Keep an open mind, and you will eventually realize that you love these songs, and that any album that moves you this much must be good. Just letting the disc play will reveal the fertile soundscape within. This album does so much with so little actual instrumentation. The best song, 4 Degrees, has a one-riff climax with a simple vocal line that somehow manages to sound really, really good anyway. Bottom, by the way, is heavy as s---. The guitar work on this disc really makes good use of the "Less is More" idea, and the vocals, as usual with Maynard, are inhumanly powerful with minimal studio modification. Great CD, and a must-have for Tool fans.