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Description This is a 32 year old 12 string in perfect condition. I paid $275.00 when I bought it without the case. It is very simular to a fender 12 string. However the tone is much nicer, I don't know if this is because of the age or the quality of the guitar.
Posted By Ken Smith (8)
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Member Reviews

On 8/17/2001, Ken Smith (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I did look at the time at other guitars, fender, ovation and gibson but when I picked this guitar up it felt familar, like an old pair of slippers, they just feel right. If I could find one I would buy it again in a second.
Model Year: 1969
Price: $275.00 Can (new)
Where Obtained: Long and Maquade
When I purchased the guitar the Canadian dollar was worth 1.08 to the U.S. dollar. Made in Japan 12 Strings
The neck seams a little wider than a fender but I am use to it. I would say it is just as good as an Ovation 12 string in quality, sound and playing.
Sound Quality:
Folk and soft rock. sound is full and warm.
Its 32 years old and still in perfect condition. I have been playing it just about every day for the last year and 1/2. In 1997 I took it in to a music shop to have it inspected and to have the neck adjusted. They said that the neck was fine and did not need adjustment. I have played this guitar in 100 f and 60 f weather and it stays in tune and the sound and quality are the same.