Epiphone PR-100C

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Epiphone

Description This is an dreadnought acoustic cutaway that is easy and fun to play. It sounds surprisingly good for such an inexpensive model too.
Posted By Paul Gelinas (4377)
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Member Reviews

On 8/22/2001, Paul Gelinas (4377) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought this model because a cutaway acoustic widens my repertoire. Access to more frets provides the luxury of playing some songs that just can't be played on a typical dreadnnought. I have an American Standard Strat, but simply can't plug-in a lot of times. The other model (Takamine G series) that I considered was considerably more expensive - this was a bonafide deal. I'm also a big fan of Epiphone acoustics in general. While I don't know if the Tak was/is a better instrument, I'm sure as Hades happy with this one. If it were ever lost or stolen, I'd be online searching for another one right away. It's a wonderful guitar in the low end price range - even if you don't get a lucky deal at an auction with no bidders.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $109.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Auction
This is a genuine no-frills, made in Indonesia, cutaway-acoustic dreadnought that simply does exactly what it's intended for very well. It "features" a laminated spruce top, with sides, back, and neck of mahogany, a rosewood fretboard, black plastic pickguard, and chrome tuners. While it's available in several finishes (including wine, ebony, and vintage sunburst), mine is "natural" in color.
This guitar rules! But it wasn't always so. . . When my guitar arrived, it needed a setup so badly that I thought they'd sent me the new "Buzz" Lightyear Signature model by mistake. In addition to the buzzing at several string/fret combinations, the action was also extremely high - a very odd combination. I doodled with it, but eventually took it to a professional. That made all the difference in the world! The 20-fret fingerboard is a sheer joy to play. The action is low and fast, and the cutaway extends to the 17th fret, which allows the opportunity to noodle around on a little unplugged Yngwie.
Sound Quality:
This model has great volume -- too much, according to my neighbors -- and handles the mid-to-high treble ranges pretty well. It does lack a bit in the bass ranges though. But in this price category, it's a super instrument.
Hoo-boy! Tough question. The first question should be, "How long can you expect a budget-priced guitar to last?" This guitar is in wonderful condition, but it's simply not that old yet. While this is an inexpensive model, it might well last forever with me. I'm very careful with (almost) all of my guitars. One is specifically designated for abuse like outdoor parties, camping and road trips, and another is reserved for alcohol-induced fits of creativity, and playing while munching on pizza or PBJ. The others (including the PR100C) are treated meticulously. So by default, I rate this model's durability as excellent.