Spirit Into Sound: The Magic Of Music

by Mickey Hart

(1999) Grateful Dead Books #1-888358-23-8

Description A collection of quotes on the magic and mystery of music.
Posted By Sharon Bakula (953)
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On 8/9/2001, Sharon Bakula (953) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book won't make you a better guitar player, but it may just put you in closer touch with what it means to be a musician. With the assistance of Fredric Lieberman, Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart has gathered a collection of quotations that present the wonder of music in the words of those touched by its magic. It's inspirational, moving, thought-provoking, and just plain enjoyable. Anyone who plays, sings, or just enjoys music will find something here to resonate to.

And it's interactive as well: the book provides an email address for submitting additional quotes for possible addition to future editions, and the message board at Hart's website also includes a forum for this purpose.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists