Rubber Soul

by The Beatles

(1965) Capitol

Personnel John, Paul, George and Ringo
Description Drive YOUR Car, to the record store and pick up this album.
Posted By Ga Thomas (1904)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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Member Reviews

On 4/18/2002, Leonardo Machado (836) posted:
Overall Rating:
Five stars is less to this wonderful album. I agree that it has paved the "Beatles way". Songs like "You won't see me" and "In my life" are one of the most beautiful songs written. The Beatles are the best balance between rock and pop. Simply unforgetable.
On 8/8/2001, Greg Groves (1966) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album was a complete departure from the Beatles earlier music. It showed a quantum leap in lyric writing and musicianship. It contains my favorite John Lennon song, In My Life.
On 8/4/2001, Ga Thomas (1904) posted:
Overall Rating:
The Beatles are now looked upon as the most influencial group of all time. But until 'Rubber Soul' they had not shown their full promice. This album paved the way for albums like The Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' and the Stones 'Aftermath'. More than any of their other material, 'Rubber Soul' was where their pop met their rock.