Bring 'Em Back Alive

by Dixie Dregs

(1992) Capricorn (Warner Brothers)

Personnel Steve Morse- Guitar; Rod Morgenstein- Drums; T. Lavitz- Keyboards; Allen Sloan, M.D.- violin; Dave LaRue- Bass
Description High energy live Dregs show recorded over 2 nights in Atlanta. Virtuosity abounds with good tunes to boot.
Posted By Tony Cook (2424)
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On 8/3/2001, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'll start off by saying I'm not the biggest Steve Morse fan, although I do like his playing. This live set, with his band, the Dixie Dregs, is nothing short of phenomenal. Morse's playing is stellar throughout, and the rest of the band is on par with him the whole show. The band covers Zeppelin's "Kashmir" with Steve playing the melody line on guitar- very cool. There's also the roller-coaster ride of "Medley (Take it off the Top)", where the band flies through a slew of classic rock tunes (Free Bird, Mississippi Queen, Summertime Blues, My Sharona, Gimme' Some Lovin'), integrating them seamlessly into a single, unforgettable composition. This track alone will have you hitting the repeat button on your player. The final number is the Dregs' "Cruise Control", which clocks in at just over 14 minutes. The song concludes with guitar, violin, keyboard, and bass trading fiery licks that must be heard to be believed. Good stuff.