Paris And London, Vol. 2, 1937-1948

by Django Reinhardt

(2000) JSP Records

Personnel The Hot Club of France
Description 4 CD Box set, with over 80 tracks, including most of Django's "standards". Good sound, okay liner notes, excellent price.
Posted By Tony Cook (2424)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 8/2/2001, Tony Cook (2424) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well, I stumbled upon this box at my local record store, and I couldn't pass it up for $20. I'm relatively new to Django, so to me, this set serves as an extensive introduction to his music. I think the sound quality is excellent for 50 year old recordings, although I would be interested to hear what more experienced Django-philes think about it. There are some songs with more than one version included, which I normally dislike on compilations. Here, however, the repeated versions are usually completely different interpretations of the same composition. Curiously, I have never seen Volume 1. Anyway, lot's of Djang for the buck!