by Dave Matthews Band

Description If your used to Dave's sound this album is kind of a draw back. I'm Sorry for the way music is being directed by producers.
Posted By Peter Martins (394)
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On 7/26/2001, Peter Martins (394) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album compared to the ones before is proof on how music bands are all going in the same direction as Britney Spears, and how music producers influence bands in a negative way, wanting to be a part of the band instead of part of the master piece.

The two most caracteristic musical features of the band just seamed to dissapear with this album: Dave's strumming and Beauford's melodical drumming, instead I here... a keyboard??. Everybody knows the producer (whose name I will not pronounce) is a keyboard player...

The band's work is there but the album doesn't represent what they're known for.