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Description General information about Hanson, including all the latest news, video and audio files, photos, and an archive of magazine articles, CD and concert reviews, and interview transcripts.
Posted By Sharon Bakula (953)
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On 7/24/2001, Sharon Bakula (953) posted:
Overall Rating:
Despite the somewhat cutesy name, this is NOT a cutesy, teeny bopper website. Honored by the band themselves as an outstanding fan site, the Hotel is known throughout the Hanson fan community for the comprehensiveness and accuracy of its content, the maturity and integrity of its staff, and its clean, easy to navigate design. Yes, there is some fluff here (geared to the younger end of Hanson's fan base), but there's also plenty of good solid information, and anyone who wants to know more about this band will find something of interest. If Hanson is NOT your cup of tea, this website won't be, either, but it does what it does extremely well, and for that reason, I give it a 5.