DIY Tube Amps

Description For anyone interested in building tube amps.
Posted By Chris Oyer (2046)
Directory Hands-On: DIY Parts/Supplies
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On 11/28/2001, Geoffrey Gross (216) posted:
Overall Rating:
This website is one of the most useful I've ever visited as a resource for DIY guitar amp building. There are numerous projects documented on the wesite, but possibly the most valuable resource is the discussion forum. There is an endless wealth of knowledge here, and the haves seem very willing to share this knowledge with the have-nots.

I built my first amp based on a project from this website; it's a great little practice amp and sounds nice.
On 7/24/2001, Chris Oyer (2046) posted:
Overall Rating:
Its useful if you're into building your own equipment. They include packages you can purchase with components to build your own amps and sound samples of other amps customers have built.