Flex-Able Left Overs

by Steve Vai

(1998) Epic #EK 69703

Personnel Various
Description The extended play of the album "Flexable". Not for your shred minded guitar fiends. All Zappa fans - ENJOY!!!
Posted By Randy Hano (12149)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 7/24/2001, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
Overall Rating:
I couldn't wait 'til they released this onto CD. When I first heard the 10" EP, I thought that this was some of most outrageous, coolest, unconventional musical extravaganza I heard. True Frank Zappa is one of the masters, but Vai learned from one of the great ones.

The CD has a total of 13 cuts - 5 more than the original EP. "So Happy" has Steve doubling Laurel Fishman's ramblings. Cool stuff! While "Details at 10" and my fav "Little Pieces of Seaweed" take on the outrageous lyrics with colors of musical genius. "Chronic Insomnia" is just that. Taking a trip through the world of minor 2nd intervals that would make nails on a chalk board boring. This CD is great. It is not for the kind hearted and the speed guitar freaks may not enjoy this CD at all except for a few cuts. "#?@! Yourself", "Natural Born Boy" and "Massacre" will give the guitar afficianado's their fill. This CD is not filled with the Steve Vai everyone has come accustomed to (aka: G3). It is however a Zappa's world, beyond and lick treats here and there. Captain Beefheart help!